Forensic Science

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Teaching Points and Extension Ideas
Forensic Websites:  
Student Resources
Teacher Resources
Websites on Activity Pages
Forensic Fun Online

Teaching Points and Extension Ideas:

Meet the Team (Page 4)

Read My Lips (Page 4)

A 5000 Year Old Murder Investigation (Page 4)

Porky Pies (Page 5)

Forensic Websites (Page 5)

Student Resources - So you want to be a forensic scientist? - FBI Investigates - Who Dunnit? - National Institute of Forensic Science (Visit the Education section) - Interactive Investigator

Teacher Resources - What is Forensics? - Forensics in Schools - Lesson Plans - Forensic Science Online Activities at Discovery School - Mystery of the Missing Ming Vase (Downloadable activity)

Websites on Activity Pages

Hey, Hey, It's DNA (Page 31)

Watch Your Step (Page 33)

Dirt Detective (Page 35)

Hair Hunter (Page 38)

A 5000 Year Old Murder Investigation (Page 43)

Porky Pies (Page 46)

K-9 Detectives (Page 53) - Training forensic dogs (YouTube video)

Forensic Fun Online - From Fingerprints to DNA - DNA Profiling Interactive - Crime Scene Investigation - Official CSI TV Show Website - Testing Times - Forensics Online from DragonFly TV - Identifying Remains with DNA - Otzi the Iceman - The Boldest Hoax - The Killer’s Trail - The Adler Food’s Mystery - Decode Da Code! - Outbreak

Literature References - Book List

Arnold, Nick (2001) Awesome Archaeology, Scholastic Ltd, United Kingdom.

ISBN 0 439 99908 1


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