Activities for Gifted Children:


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Book 1: Insects and Spiders

Book 2: Mammals

Book 3: Reptiles and Amphibians

Book 1: Insects and Spiders

Page 19

Internet Tasks

Site 1: Insects and their Allies

Site 2: Insects

Site 3: Bugs are Amazing

Site 4: Bee Eye

Site 5: Bee Eye Gallery

Page 23

Butterflies and Moths

Site 1: The Butterfly Site

Page 25

Social Insects

Site 1: Ant Info

Site 2: Social Bees

Site 3: The Colony and its Organisation

Page 30

Common Insects

Site 1: Beetles

Page 33

Beneficial Insects 3: Silkworm

Site 1: Silkworm Information

Page 34

Beneficial Insects: Who's No. 1?

Site 1: 10 Most Important Insects

Page 37

Spiders: Humans and Spiders

Site 1: Spiders


Book 2: Mammals

Page 9

Identifying Mammals: Mammal Extremes and Diets

Site 1: All About Mammals!

Extra Info!

Page 13

Identifying Mammals: Endangered Mammals

Site 1: Species List

Site 2: (CITES)

Page 15

Identifying Mammals: Creative Production - A Colouring Book

Site 1: Mammals

Site 2: Mammal Images

Page 20

Aquatic Mammals: Whales on the Internet

Site 1: Whale Facts

Site 2: Whales

Site 3: Threats to Whales


Page 24

Aquatic Mammals: Should Dugongs Be Hunted?

Site 1: Dugong

Site 2: Threats to Dugongs

Site 3: Dugongs

Page 25

Endangered Mammals: The Big Cat Family

Site 1: Big Cats


Page 27

Endangered Mammals: Big Cats in Captivity

Site 1: Keeping Big Cats

Page 30

Endangered Mammals: Elephants 2

Site 1: Library at Elefunteria

Page 31

Endangered Mammals: Elephants 3

Site 1:

Page 32

Endangered Mammals: The Polar Bear

Extra: Polar Bear Images

Extra: Polar Bears

Page 34

Endangered Mammals: Comparing Features

Extra: About Polar Bears

Page 35

Endangered Mammals: The Bear Facts

Extra: Bear Images

Page 39

Endangered Mammals: Tasmanian Devil 2

Site 1: Facts for kids

Page 41

Unique Mammals: The Echidna 2

Site 1: Echidnas

Page 43

Unique Mammals: Benefits of Bats

Site 1Bat Facts

Extra: Bat Cam

Book 3: Reptiles and Amphibians

Page 8

Finding Out About Reptiles 1

Extra: Pet Reptiles

Page 16

Crocodiles: Interview an Expert

Site 1: Crocodiles

Page 17

Crocodiles: Crocodilian Information Pack

Site 1: Crocodilian Species List

Page 18

Crocodiles: Design a Crocodile Farm

Site 1: Visit a Crocodile Farm

Page 19

Lizards: The Chameleon

Extra: Chameleon Images

Extra: More Chameleon Images


Page 23


Site 1: Seeing Through Camouflage

Page 24

Lizards: Lizard Care Sheet

Site 1: Blue Tongue Lizard Care Sheet

Site 2: Komodo Dragon

Page 25

Tuatara: Internet Research 1

Site 1: Tuatara

Site 2: The Third Eye

Page 26

Tuatara: Making Judgements

Site 1: The Tuatara 'Lizard'

Site 2: Tuatara

Page 34

Snakes: Comparing Snake Species

Site 1: Scroll to Snakes

Site 2: Special Interest Snakes

Site 3: Snake Species

Page 35

Snakes: Snake Hunter

Site 1: Scroll to Snakes

Page 42

Amphibians: Metamorphosis

Site 1: Frogs

Site 2: Metamorphosis

Site 3: Amphibians

Page 43

Amphibians: Design a Home

Site 1: Amphibians

Site 2: What is an Amphibian?

Site 3: Housing Your Pet Frog

Site 4: Frogs


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