Endangered Species of the World

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Useful Websites (Page 5)

Teacher Resources – Government Sites and Official Bodies  

www.redlist.org/ - 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

www.ifaw.org/elephants.html - Info about endangered elephants, rhinos and gorillas

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/ - Threatened Australian Species and Threatened Ecological Communities

www.bagheera.com/ - Bagheera

www.wildaid.org - WildAid – Protecting and Educating

www.unep-wcmc.org - UNEP

Useful Sites for Kids

library.thinkquest.org/J0111700/Index.htm - Endangered Animals of the World – A ThinkQuest Site

www.trinity.wa.edu.au/plduffyrc/subjects/science/endangered.htm - Endangered Species Links

www.kidzworld.com/site/p2203.htm - Endangered Reptile Species

library.thinkquest.org/19689/data/esframe.html - World Endangered Species - A ThinkQuest Site

www.nationalgeographic.com/ngkids/9902/crime-busters/ - Wildlife Crime Busters

www.kidsplanet.org/factsheets/map.html - Kids Planet Especies

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/information/20-tips.html - How Can You Help!

www.science.org.au/nova/010/010key.htm - Australia’s Threatened Species from NOVA

www.rainforestinfo.org.au/spp/ - The Endangered Species Project

www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/Austendangered.htm - Endangered Australian Animals

www.spx.nsw.edu.au/src/Links/endanganim.html - Endangered Animals Links

www.naturebase.net/content/view/2546/97/ - Saving Our Threatened Wildlife @ NatureBase

www.australianwildlife.org/ - Australian Wildlife Conservancy

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/information/factsheets/index.html - World Wide Fund for Nature

www.extinctanimal.com/extinct/extinct_mammals.htm - Extinct Mammals

users.netconnect.com.au/Easter_Bilby/ - Read the Easter Bilby Story

www.museum.vic.gov.au/bioinformatics/mammals/images/thumblmar.htm - Mammal Images

rainforestinfo.org.au/spp/Schouten/ - Extinct Australian Species

www.naturebase.net/content/view/2536/1366/ - Plants and Animals @ NatureBase

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/information/factsheets/index.html - National Threatened Species Day

edtech.kennesaw.edu/web/endangsp.html - Excellent Links Page

Background Information - Websites

www.kidsplanet.org/factsheets/esa.html - Fact Sheets (Page 7)

www.redlist.org - Red List

www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/npws.nsf/Content/Pest+animals - Australia's Introduced Pests (Page 9)

www.weedbusterweek.info.au/ - Weedbusters (Page 10)

www.weeds.org.au/ -  Weed Identification (Page 10)

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/threatened/information/factsheets/index.html  - National Threatened Species Day (Page 11)

CITES (Page 12)

www.cites.org/ - CITES

www.iucn.org/ - World Conservation Union

www.redlist.org/ - Red List of Threatened Species from IUCN

www.deh.gov.au/biodiversity/publications/trade-use/factsheets/cites.html - Australia and Endangered Species

www.doc.govt.nz/templates/summary.aspx?id=42610 - New Zealand and Endangered Species


Fact File Websites

Malayan Sun Bear

Chaffee Zoo

Polar Bear

Polar Bears Alive



Giant Panda


Panda's Plight

National Zoo

Giant Panda.com

Panda Cam@San Diego Zoo

Endangered Bats

Bat Conservation

Endangered Bats

Bats For Kids

WebQuester Challenge - www.redlist.org



Asian and African Elephants

Elephants Under Threat

Elephant Facts @ National Zoo

Care for the Wild


The Big Cat Family

Big Cats Online



Black Rhinoceros

Fact Sheet

Kruger National Park

Wild Aid (Black Rhino Programme)

Garamba National Park

Save the Rhino


Humpback Whale

Humpback Whales Info 

Wildlife Conservation


Bagheera: The Manatee

Save the Manatee

Facts About Dugongs


Great White Shark

White Shark Details

Creature Feature

Shark Cam


Leafy Sea Dragon

Sea Dragons

Sea Dragon Info

Scuba Diving Code

Australian Marine Protected Areas

New Zealand Marine Reserves



Tuatara Info


Rat-Free Islands


Komodo Dragon

Komodo National Park

Komodo Fact Sheets

More about the Komodo Dragon

Komodo Flash Site


Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Galapagos Giant Tortoise at the Big Zoo

Harlequin Frog

Rainmaker Conservation Project

Midwife Toad's Tale

Global Amphibian Declines

Project Amazonas Inc.


Humboldt Penguin

El Niño

Humboldt Penguin Fact Sheets

Philippine Eagle  www.philippineeagle.org/ www.peregrinefund.org

Philippine Eagle


General Activity Pages

A Wild Zoo (page 48)


Comparing Species (page 49)



Awareness Campaign (page 50)



·        Peregrine Fund - www.peregrinefund.org

·        Pacific Whale Foundation - http://www.maui.net/~pacwhale/about/index.html

·        Save the Manatee - www.savethemanatee.org/

·        Amphibian Conservation - amphibiaweb.org/

·        International Rhino Foundation - www.rhinos-irf.org/

·        Save The Elephants - www.save-the-elephants.org/


www.redlist.org/ - International Union for Conservation and Nature Red List (2005).

www.deh.gov.au/cgi-bin/sprat/public/publicthreatenedlist.pl?wanted=fauna - Australian List from the Department of the Environment and Heritage 2005

School World Endangered Species Project (page 52)

http://www.enchantedlearning.com/report/animal/ - Guidelines for Reports

Think Globally, Act Locally (page 53)


World National Parks (page 54)


www.atn.com.au/parks/links.htm - World National Park links

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