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The 2004 French Open (Tennis)
(Fortnight beginning Monday 30 May 2004)

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2004 French Open

The French Open takes place in May each year and is the second of the four major Grand Slam events in the tennis calendar. The other events include Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open. It is the only grand slam event that is played on clay.

Previous winners of the French Open include Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Ivan Lendl, Monica Seles, Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert-Lloyd, Martina Navratilova and Rod Laver.

The first French Championships were held in 1891 and the tournament has since grown into one of the four Grand Slams we know today. In 1925, the competition became international and in 1928, the French Open was moved to its current home at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris. This stadium was built in 1927 to accommodate the crowds that would gather in France to watch the Davis Cup after four French tennis players beat the American team in the US. At the time of the surprise win, France had no venues that would hold such a crowd.

The stadium was named after Roland Garros, a French war hero and pioneering aviator. 

Ideas for Reporting:

Write a brief article about the history of the French Open tournament.

Design a brochure for this event to entice international travellers to France.

Interview a tennis champion - prepare a set of questions you would ask him/her.

Create a table of past winners for both the Men's and Women's singles.
Report on a controversial issue. This may include an argument with an umpire, a surprise result, a serious injury, and so on.
Write a report about the final. Include background information on each of the finalists.
Find out what other surfaces tennis championships are played on. Make a list of players who play well on clay surfaces and those that play better on grass or synthetic surfaces.
Choose a French Open champion and write a sporting profile. You may like to choose someone who has won several championships in the past such as: Gustav Kuerten, Jim Courier, Monica Seles or Steffi Graf.

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