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Page 9/13 - Useful Resources for the Classroom

General Resources - Life Skills (lesson plans). - A website with links to legislation on bullying, services available, relevant support services and teaching resources. - A web portal for teachers. This site contains entries from teachers who have successfully implemented anti-bullying strategies in their classroom. A valuable resource to combat bullying behaviour. Information for parents and teachers concerned about children's bullying behaviour. - How Do We Stop Bullying in Schools? - American site of Bullying Literature suitable for students.

Discipline Resources - Discipline Help. This informative website contains a wealth of information for educators. It highlights 117 specific misbehaviours that occur in the classroom. The behaviours are grouped into four main motivations for misbehaviour: - Dealing with Classroom Bullies. Provides information on strategies. - Terrific Teacher Tool Kit. This is a very handy resource with sections titles including “32 Mistakes Most Teachers Make and Want to Avoid!” and  “Your Classroom - 67 Ways to Improve It!” - Primary Teachers’ Nook. Contains lesson plan ideas, thematic units and information about classroom discipline. - Classroom Management. Extensive site with sections and articles on discipline and strategies.

Page 10/14 - Websites for Students

Families, Friends and Feelings - The Symphony of Friendship. An interesting site which tells the story of two “enemies” who became friends through music. - Kids on the Net: A Celebration of Friendship.

Students can read what other children have written about friendship and are able to post their own ideas onto the website. Includes poems, stories and essays.

Conflict - Reach Out! - This site provides support for a 24 hour telephone help line for kids - 1800 55 1800. Click on the Site Map at this site to find links to bullying websites. - Bullying information for kids. - Interesting site that has information on bullying, strategies for dealing with bullying and ideas about making friends. This site is written for the student audience. - A Guide to Getting Along. An excellent site for kids with notes for the teacher on practical classroom use.

Websites for Teachers and Parents - National Coalition Against Bullying. - The Bullying. No way! Project - OPEN DOORS Counselling and Education Services. - School Bully Online - Bullying Information for Parents. - Bully Free Living. This site is aimed at parents and discusses the character traits needed to fend off bullies both at school, in the community and even as adults in the workplace. - Dealing with Classroom Bullies. This site is created for the beginning teacher. Contains some useful tips and strategies for graduates who find themselves in tough classrooms. Also contains information on general classroom discipline strategies. 

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