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The Life Skills Series (4)
The Life Skills series was developed to equip the busy classroom teacher with practical and relevant ideas for enhancing essential life skills in individual students. There are numerous articles and resources aimed at addressing topical life issues such as bullying, self esteem, coping with loss or disability, dealing with divorce and so on, yet most of these resources are aimed at a whole school level and rarely provide practical, ready-to-use materials for a classroom or individual student. This innovative series aims to fill the gap between the frameworks set out by national bodies and the delivery of sensitive, yet meaningful, lessons in the everyday class.

Many of the topics that are dealt with in this series are specifically designed for a particular event that may arise in the classroom. Activities can be used in one-on-one discussions or as whole class activities, depending on the situation. The materials are designed for middle to upper primary students, however, the ideas and information are appropriate for all school aged children.

Each book contains extensive background notes for teachers, parents and students. Many sections contain annotated resource lists for multimedia, literature and general classroom resources. Extension ideas are given where possible. Featured websites are linked HERE and regularly updated, and all activities are linked to student outcomes.

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Description Code Price
Self Esteem and Values REP072 $26.95
Grief, Illness and Other Issues REP073 $26.95
Bullying and Conflict REP074 $26.95
Family Relationships REP075 $26.95


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