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Page 8/12 - Looking After Yourself : Useful Websites Work_Related_Stress   - Work related stress - Resilient Teachers: Avoiding Stress and Burnout  - Child Stress (Powerpoint Presentation)

Page 9/13 - Websites for Students

Families, Friends and Feelings

Contains interesting and detailed sections on feelings and emotions, both positive and negative. - Friendship. This site is aimed at children and explores the friendships that students make, problems that friendships endure and ways that conflict can be resolved.

Grief and Loss  - Understanding grief and death. -  Helping a child cope with the death of a parent. 

 Coping With Disabilities - A look at learning disabilities from a child's perspective.

  Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care NSW:

  Disability Services Division Vic:

  Aged, Disability and Community Care:


 Conflict - Reach Out! This website was set up with the intention of providing a forum for suicidal youths. It contains valuable sections on coping with a range of issues such as eating disorders, bullying, family issues, loss and grief, depression, drugs and alcohol and teenage pregnancy. While designed for secondary students, it can still be a handy resource for students who have older siblings who may be dealing with these issues. - This site provides support for a 24 hour help line for kids - 1800 55 1800. It contains information on bullying, domestic violence, problems at home or at school. The website contains important information on why children call the help line and provides a list of services and useful authorities for further contact.

 Page 10/14 - Websites for Teachers and Parents - A valuable resource for teachers, parents, counsellors and caring adults. An excellent background resource for teachers and parents with sections on coping with divorce, step families, coping with change and so on. Much of the information deals with adult relationships, however, there are some interesting sections that explain how to guide children through difficult aspects of relationships. - A useful family resource with articles on a number of areas such as dealing with grief, relatives, disasters and so on. -- Seasons for Growth. A non-profit, non-religious program based on the principal that grief is normal and can be a valuable part of life. Provides opportunities for students to examine how grief, whether through death, separation or divorce, can impact on their lives. - OPEN DOORS Counselling and Education Services. - Skylight Trust. Suitable for teachers, this New Zealand website is from the Skylight organisation. Skylight supports children and young adults facing grief, loss and change in their lives. Contains international links as well as NZ contacts. - Centre for Personal Education. Contains information on community relationships, family relationships and community and health service workers. - An international, non- profit organisation that fosters emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life-altering crisis. - Includes useful information about how to talk to children about death and loss. - The Dougy Centre for Grieving Children and Teens - Grief in Adolescence - National Association For Grief and Loss (Australia).

 Page 11/15 - Practical Resources for the Classroom

Teacher Resources

Irving, Tricia, When Tough Stuff Happens, Available from the Skylight Trust. New Zealand.

Talking to Children About Death, Available from The Outstretched Hands Publications. (02) 4567 2156.)

Mason, Hillary (2003) Cancertalk (Primary and Secondary Packs), Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Online Specialist Book Sellers - Compassion Books, USA.

Page 13/17 - Chloe's Story

Further Reading: - Excellent site from Macmillan Cancer Relief - Kids Cancer Network - Read about Starlight Fun Centres

Websites: - This site is dedicated to children who may have a sibling with a chronic illness.

Page 23/27 - The Road to Recovery - Christopher Reeve - Michael J. Fox -- Louise Sauvage

Page 25/29 - Janine Shepherd: An Inspiring Story - Janine Shepherd’s Official Website - Janine Shepherd Biography

Books by Janine Shepherd  

Page 28/32 - Dealing With Death: Teacher's Notes - Sids and Kids Australia Kids dealing with death 

Page 38/42 - Charity Organisations

Starlight Children’s Foundation, (Aust)

Leukaemia Foundation


See also: - Australian Cancer Resources Network

Australian Cerebral Palsy Association:

TLC for Kids Inc.: 

Camp Quality: (Aust)


Red Cross (International) (Aust) (NZ)

World Vision: - (Aust) - (NZ)

Useful Websites: - A directory of charities in Australia  - Contains a list of charity organisations for a whole range of issues. 


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