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Page 7/11 - Websites for Teachers - Values Education for Children and Young Adults. - Values Education. - National Association for Self Esteem. - Attitudes and Values Questionnaire (ACER). - Body Image and Self Esteem. - Strengthening Children’s Self Esteem. Contains some relevant articles and references. - Self Esteem Theme Page. - Lesson plans for self esteem - About Self Esteem in Children. An excellent site for parents. - Youth Health.

Page 8/12 - Websites for Students - Learning about self esteem. - Dealing with Feelings - Shy Kids is a site developed by former “shy kids” and aims to offer practical advice to children, teens and their parents on how to build confidence and make friends. - Youth Health. - Talk It Up – An ABC Online website. - Planet Pals aims to links up kids around the planet. - It’s My Life. This site explores emotions and examines depression and feelings of fear and anger. It also contains informative sections about the body, school, family and friends. 

Page 16/20 - Teachers' Notes: Values Education

Useful Websites - Teaching Values. An excellent resource for teachers, parents and students. - Racism, No Way! - Teaching values in the classroom.

Page 17/21  - Practical Ideas for Values Education

Internet Activities Aims to links up kids around the planet (use under supervision).

Recycling - - CanSmart, - Ollie’s World, - Planet Ark, - Recycling Near You!  - YouTube video (8 minutes) Caring for the Environment

Other Cool Sites for Kids: - Do Something! - Green Squad - Links for Our Environment 

Page 18/22 - Demonstrating Values (1) - Famous Philanthropists

Page 19/23 - Demonstrating Values (2) - Academy of Achievement - Anne Frank: Lessons in Human Rights and Dignity - Planet Tolerance  A Century Celebrated - Webquest: Champions of Justice

Page 21/25 - Demonstrating Values (2)

Irish Achievers 

New Zealand Achievers

Biographies: (Type in Biography and see where it takes you!)


Page 22/26 - Goal Setting - Teaching Goal Setting. - Information to teach students to set and manage their own goals. - Goal setting, personal development and motivation.

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